The MMS Variety Show 2/El espectáculo 2

On Thursday night, October 30th, Kindness Counts will present the big MMS Variety Show 2 in our fine auditorium, from 7:00 to 9:15.   We did the first big benefit show last May, playing to a very large and enthusiastic audience. By popular demand, Variety Show 2 has been scheduled. Vocalists, dancers, bands, poetry recitation, and a variety of specialty acts will entertain every member of the audience. Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades – plus MMS alumni and several teachers – will put on a fast-paced show which will be suitable for the entire family. The purpose of this important fundraiser is to extend a friendly hand of assistance to the wonderful children of Darién, Panamá. In order to establish a permanent virtual bridge between the two Dariens, we need to help the beautiful Nicanor School we are sponsoring to get set up with the technology to enable them to blog, videoconference, and share their thoughts and their culture with the rest of the world. We hope to continue our assistance to our new friends with the proceeds from the Variety Show and such associated campaigns as the sale of Darién/Darien T-shirts.

First Selectwoman Mrs. Evonne Klein attended the first Variety Show performance in May, and read a special proclamation, making Tuesday, May 27th, Darién a Darien Day in Darien, Connecticut. On this special day, we paused to reflect on our connection to the «original» Darién, in Panamá. We also officially began the construction of our virtual bridge between the two communities on this historic day – the first of its kind in our town.

The first Variety Show was definitely a highlight of the school year. The large audience included our distinguished Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Fiftal; our wonderful Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Falcone; and our much-loved MMS Principal, Dr. Boccanfuso. So many talented students performed – along with gifted teachers, Señorita Spencer, Ms. Warren, and Mr. Kennan.  Numerous teachers splendidly supported the first-rate technical crew. There were songs, dances, instrumental selections, novelty acts, a comedy sketch and a magic act….something for every taste. It was truly a variety show, in every sense of the term. A special presentation regarding Darién, and the fine work of the Fundación Pro-Niños de Darién, helped to explain to the audience our reason for presenting this benefit show. Everyone had a good time – and we are thankful for the strong support offered by the entire Middlesex community. The diligence and enthusiasm of each member of the team made this special event possible.



In order to continue our support for the Nicanor School which we are happily sponsoring in Darién, Panamá, we are presenting another Variety Show on the evening of Thursday, October 30th in our Middlesex auditorium. Many excellent performers who are members of the Middlesex community will be featured in this benefit show. Working together, it is our hope that perhaps we may be able to raise enough to construct the Nicanor School’s first-ever playground, and to acquire more books for the library they are now constructing. Let’s be certain to reserve that night on our calendars and to support our school’s exciting Darién a Darien project through the 2008-2009 term.

El Espectáculo 2

Presentamos nuestro primer espectáculo en el auditorio de MMS jueves, el 22 de mayo, a las 7:00 de la noche. Como saben todos, tenemos muchos estudiantes que cantan, bailan, tocan instrumentos, y que tienen tanto talento que todo el mundo quiso asistir a esta función tan linda. El propósito del espectáculo fue la recaudación de fondos para ayudarles a nuestros amigos de la Escuela Nicanor con la construcción de una biblioteca, con un salón de cómputo.

La alcaldesa de Darien, Connecticut – la Sra. Klein – vino, para leer su proclamación sobre «El Día Darién» aquí en nuestro pueblo. Ese día especial, en el cual celebrará cada año el pueblo entero nuestra conexión con el Darién original (en Panamá)  será martes, el 27 de mayo.


Estamos empezando a construir ese puente….y el 30 de octubre, presentaremos otro Espectáculo aquí en el colegio Middlesex para la recaudación de fondos con el propósito de apoyar a nuestros ahijados y amigos de la Escuela Nicanor. Hay cantantes, bandas, músicos de toda clase, pianistas, números cómicos, y muchísimo más. Estaremos vendiendo camisetas con el diseño Darien a Darién. Todo lo que recibimos va a ayudar y apoyar a nuestros amigos de la Escuela Nicanor. ¡Vamos pa´ adelante!

18 Respuestas to “The MMS Variety Show 2/El espectáculo 2”

  1. 1 Mrs. Trezza mayo 12, 2008 a las 9:32 am

    The students of MMS have such big hearts and are eager to make this contribution to the school in Darien, Panama. As one of their teachers, I cannot tell you how proud I am of their efforts or how happy I am to know them. In time you will get to know how wonderful they are too.

  2. 2 Haley Miller mayo 13, 2008 a las 5:57 pm

    Nosotros vamos a tener un espectáculo y con el dinero del espectáculo vamos a compartir tecnología. Mi amiga y yo estamos tocando nuestros instrumentos para el espectáculo; yo toco el violín y mi amiga toca el violoncelo. La música que nosotros estamos tocando es una composicion que nosotros escribimos. Muchas de las personas en el espectáculo son maravillosas. Hay unos chamaquitos que están cantando y ellos son fantásticos. También, hay tres chamaquitas que pueden bailar muy bien. ¿Ustedes cantan, bailan, o tocan instrumentos muchos? ¿Les gusta la música? A mi me encanta la música, especialmente la música del espectáculo. También para el espectáculo vamos a vender camisetas con tapires que son muy bonitas. ¡El espectáculo va a ser fantástico!

  3. 3 Steve Grune mayo 13, 2008 a las 8:07 pm

    This variety show will be sweet. I am totally going. I hope it raises a lot of money to help the school en Darién Panama so that we can talk to them over the Internet.

  4. 4 Victoria Mao mayo 18, 2008 a las 1:37 pm

    Everyone in the variety show is working incredibly hard and the talent is amazing. Of course we must remember the goal of this show: to get Darien, Panama computers so we can truly connect with them. It is all great and I am very excited to see what will happen!

  5. 5 Natalie Metz mayo 20, 2008 a las 8:56 pm

    The variety show is going to be great! Come support our cause and help the kids in Darién!

  6. 6 Victoria Chao mayo 21, 2008 a las 3:32 pm

    I can’t wait for the Variety Show tomorrow. I am going to play Kabalevsky Concerto No. 3 accompanied with my piano teacher Narina. This is going to be the biggest Variety Show in all of MMS history!

  7. 7 Reyna Delgado mayo 21, 2008 a las 6:04 pm

    Mi nombre es Reyna Delgado, trabajo en la Fundación Pro Niños de Daríen en el Depto. de Mercadeo. Los felicito por la fiesta que tendrán mañana y la del 27 de mayo, se ve que están muy organizados y entusiasmado. Agradezco la iniciativa y la ayuda que le darán a nuestros niños, ellos están muy felices porque ahora tienen nuevos amigos con quienes compartir su cultura. Los queremos mucho, les seguiré escribiendo…

  8. 8 Lita Alvarado mayo 23, 2008 a las 2:57 pm

    Hello everyone!
    We loved the article on the Darien Times. Will and Jay look great in the montuno and camisilla!
    Hope you had a wonderful time yesterday at the Variety Show – We´d love to see a clip or video!
    Thanks to all of you for such enthusiasm and we´ll be sending information to the kids and teachers at Nicanor School. Hopefully soon they´ll be able to post themselves.
    Lots of love to all!!!

  9. 9 susana heilbron mayo 26, 2008 a las 5:00 pm

    Espero que logren recolectar suficiente plata para que los alumnos de Darien,Panama se puedan conectar.

  10. 10 Chapin Tricarico mayo 27, 2008 a las 9:01 pm

    The mms variety show was amazing. I had a blast preforming in the show and really enjoyed watching the other performers. Mr. Smith has really put the whole show and this over all project together really well. We (mms) have really helped Darien Panama so much already and I know that everyone is really appreciative! The variety show really rocked.

  11. 11 Megan Archey and Hannah Carmody mayo 28, 2008 a las 5:53 pm

    The Variety Show was amazing! Who knew there was so much talent in our school? Congrats to everyone who made this show a huge sucess.We can’t wait to connect with our friends in Panama!

  12. 12 Doug Phipps septiembre 12, 2008 a las 9:12 am

    I loved the Variety Show! I am amazed that we raised enough money to buy the school a computer lab, and I can’t wait until the next one.

  13. 13 Michaela Brady (Green Team) octubre 10, 2008 a las 5:08 pm

    I love the Variety Show which is why, for the second time, I’M IN IT!!!!!!!! Last year was amazing. If we can top it this year, you won’t just be on the edge of your seat. You’ll already have fallen off!!!! The best part is that we get to help those kids in Darién, Panamá. I hear things are already looking a lot better there! Variety Show 2, WOO HOO!!!!!!!

  14. 14 Annika Florio noviembre 6, 2008 a las 7:00 pm

    The MMS Variety show was so amazing! The crowd was so excited this year and it was a huge success!

  15. 15 Tina noviembre 11, 2008 a las 5:24 pm

    Hola Jonathan, amiguitos todos, no pueden imaginarse la expresión de mi rostro cuando estaba leyendo el correo. Ustedes son increibles, los quiero mucho y que Dios los bendiga a todos. Estan muy lindos en las fotos. Espero no sea un sueño y poder tenerlos acá con los niños de Nicanor intercambiando culturas, jugando y divirtiendose. Mil gracias por todo lo que están haciendo.


  16. 16 admin noviembre 11, 2008 a las 6:29 pm

    Mi querida amiga Tina,

    A mí también me parece un sueño todo esto. Los niños pronto estarán poniendo sus videos en el blog. Nos encantaría poder ayudar con la tecnología nueva que tendremos pronto en Nicanor. Es un proyecto bello, gracias al trabajo de nuestra querida Fundación Pro-Niños de Darién.

  17. 17 recaudarparaelmundo2011 agosto 31, 2011 a las 10:02 am

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